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Abraham's relatives
Family branches > Abraham's relatives


Previous generations

A gravestone of Niclaus Kron (?-1617) and his wife Susanne Rampe can be found in Richtenberg church. It is likely that they are Abraham's ancestors from late 16th and early 17th century.

The earliest of Abraham's ancestors that is known with certainty is his great-grandfather Johann Kron, mayor of justice in Stralsund, who was born in the second half of the 17th century.

Abraham's grandfather was Johan Friedrich Krohn, who was born in Stralsund in 1706 (baptized Jan 3, 1706) and died there on April 14, 1785. He is referred to as customs officer and horticulturalist in Stralsund and as mayor of Richtenberg in 1738. He was married to Eva Elisabeth Rempler.

Abraham's uncles and aunts

Of Johan Friedrich Krohn's and Eva Elisabeth Rempler's children we know the following:
  1. Herman Jochen (b. Richtenberg 14.8.1729).

  2. Johann Daniel (b. Richtenberg 22.8.1731).

  3. Marie Liess (b. Richtenberg 18.6.1732). [Parish records in Poseritz have an entry about the funeral of an old unmarried lady Marie Krohn from Wussitz in Pommern on 17.3.1789. It is possible that she would be Abraham's aunt, although her age in the entry does not quite match.]

  4. Beata Ursula (bap. Richtenberg 25.5.1733).

  5. Johann Jacob, (b. Richtenberg 10.10.1735).

  6. David Erdmann (bap. Richtenberg 7.9.1736, d. Poseritz 28.4.1811). Precentor and village teacher in Poseritz, Abraham's father. Wife 1765 Catharina Engel Böhmern (b. Barth 1739, d. Bergen/Rügen 4.11.1824) in her 2nd marriage (1st husband NN Voss, David's predecessor as the precentor in Poseritz).

  7. Friedrich Christopher (b. 1736). In the book of baptisms in Richtenberg this entry immediately follows David Erdmann without further markings. It is therefore likely that he is David Erdmann's twin brother. Accorcing to Nicolai's investigations, a royal customs officer (Schiffsbesucher) Friedrich Crohn and Mrs Catharina Ströhmann (widow of Böhm) were married on 8.3.1775 in Stralsund. Nicolai thinks this Friedrich might be David's twin brother.

  8. Gottfried Mathias (b. Ruden ca 1740, d. Narva 25.12.1777). Married; wife's name unknown.

  9. Johann Emmanuel Friedrich (b. Ruden 10.8.1748, d. St Petersburg 30.11.1825, buried in the Krohn grave in St Petersburg). Kapellmeister of the Imperial Court Orchestra in St Petersburg, helped Abraham in many ways in St Petersburg. Lived in Finland 1772-1776. Wife Anna Fedorowna (d. ca 1830). No children.

Abraham's cousins

The only cousins that we know of are uncle Gottfried Mathias' children in Narva, Estonia. Of these only two daughters reached adulthood, the eldest, Anna Dorothea (b. Narva 23.5.1767, d. St Petersburg 24.5.1847) and the youngest, Johanna Catharina (b. Narva 5.5.1777, d. St Petersburg 4.3.1847). Both had families, and both moved later to St Petersburg. According to Nicolai, Abraham kept contact with these cousins, and at least one of Anna's daughters, Helene Wendt née Dobronowsky (1788-1875), died in Viborg, Finland.

Abraham's siblings

David Erdmann Krohn and Catharina Engel Böhmern had eleven children:
  1. Abraham Friedrich (b. Poseritz 27.7.1766, bap. 29.7.1766, d. St Petersburg 20.12.1827, buried in the family grave in St Petersburg. Wife 1793 Elisabeth Balser (b. St Petersburg 14.9.1770, d. 30.5.1837, buried in the family grave in St Petersburg).

  2. Michael Andreas (b. Poseritz 7.11.1768, bap. 9.11.1768, buried 21.9.1772).

  3. Joachim Hinrich (b. Poseritz 10.1.1771, bap. 13.1.1771, buried 15.2.1771).

  4. Johan Jochen (b. Poseritz 23.2.1773, bap. 27.2.1773, buried 6.10.1773).

  5. Beata Catharina (b. Poseritz 30.8.1774, d. Bergen, Rügen 25.10.1824). Husband Bogislaw Hasper (d. 1834), baker in Bergen, Rügen. Children:

    1. Gottfried David Ewald (b. Bergen 13.7.1799, d. 19.2.1860), pastor in Gross Daberkow, Mecklenburg-Strelitz.

    2. Carl (b. 1801, d. 18.8.1842), Abraham's accountant in St Petersburg. Unmarried.

    3. Philipp (b. 1803, d. before 1885), auctioneer in Augsburg.

    4. Gustav (b. 1805, d. before 1885), inn-keeper in Bergen, Rügen.

    5. Luise (b. 1807, d. before 1885), married to a merchant and alderman in Bergen, Rügen.

    6. Caroline (b. 7.2.1810, d. 21.4.1887).

    7. Maria (b. 1811, d. before 1885).

    8. Julius (b. 1813, d. before 1885), horologist in Bergen, Rügen.

    9. Betti (b. 1815, d. after 1885). Married.

  6. Sophia Dorothea (b. 25.2.1777, d. before 1815). The only survivor in a triplet. Husband 1806 Georg Lorenz Dalmer (d. 1824), successor of his father-in-law as precentor in Poseritz. Children:

    1. Franzisca Carolina Beata (bap. Poseritz 26.2.1807, d. 13.7.1807).

    2. Carolina Charlotta Friederica (bap. Poseritz 26.2.1808, d. 1876). Married.

    3. Augusta Eva Friderica (bap. 10.9.1809, d. after 1874). Married.

    4. Karl Edward Friedrich (b. Poseritz 18.3.1811, d. Karlsbad 16.5.1876), pastor in Rambin, Rügen, author in Low German. Wrote a chronicle about his uncle's departure for St Petersburg and his early days there. Wife Wilhelmina Tiburtius. Her sister Franziska Tiburtius was one of the first female physicians and the first female doctor of medicine in Germany. Wilhelmina's brother, Karl Tiburtius, was a military physician and also an author in Low German. His wife, Henriette Hirschfelf-Tiburtius née Pagelsen was the first female dentist in Germany.

    5. Charlotta Sophia Dorothea (bap. 31.12.1812, d. as child).

  7. Marie Louise (b. Poseritz 25.2.1777, d. 27.2.1777).

  8. Margaretha Dorothea (b. Poseritz 25.2.1777, d. 27.2.1777).

  9. Charlotta Dorothea (b. 8.2.1779, d. Dobrylugk 1809). Husband Adam Emanuel Heyden, precentor in Pütte, Pommern.

  10. Johan Christian (bap Poseritz 4.1.1782, d. St Petersburg 5.3.1817, buried in the family grave in St Petersburg), baker. Moved to St Petersburg by invitation from Abraham. Unmarried.

  11. Maria Ilsabe (bap. Poseritz 6.10.1783, buried 17.6.1785).


Family branches > Abraham's relatives
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