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Miscellaneous material related to Krohn family

In this directory we have started to collect potentially interesting historical material and writings, which we wish to receive from family members.

Poseritz & St Petersburg

  • Nicolai's family chronicle from 1888 in English

  • In 1771, the Catalogus Baptisatorum in Poseritz starts with Jochim Hinrich, Abraham's brother, who then died in one month. The handwriting is probably David Erdmann's.

  • Krohn breweries

Abraham's sons

  • Andreas Krohn's (1794-1834) letter from July 1834 to his brother Friedrich

  • The front page of August Krohn's (1803-1891) dissertation, and Cliopsis krohnii, a sea slug named after him;  Darwin's letter where he mentions August


  • Old Krohn madeira bottles

  • Nicolai Krohn's (1831-1909) correspondence with Darwin on a problem with earthworms

  • Edmund Krohn (1898–1918), who was killed as Royal Flying Corps pilot in WW I, is remembered in Funchal

  • Madeira Krohns (from Salme Setälä's book "Levoton veri", in Finnish)

  • London Krohns, Heidi Krohn's video, on which she reads text written by Aino Kallas (in Finnish)


  • Hilkka Oksama Valtonen's article on Kiiskilä (Hiidenkivi 4/2007), part 1 and part 2 (in Finnish)

  • The menu of the golden wedding of Leopold and Julie in Kiiskilä (1884)

Julius branch

  • 8 years old Julius Krohn (1835-1888) accompanied his parents in a trip to England, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In London Alison Krohn found an entry about this trip in a list of aliens, and a certificate of their arrival on 2.6.1843.

  • Minna Krohn's (1841-1917) poems 1898-1901 (in Finnish)

  • Ilmari Krohn (1867-1960) in Tampere 1894-1905 (in Finnish)

  • Ilmari Krohn's (1867-1960) recollections on spring 1918 in Hamina (in Finnish)

  • Ilmari Krohn's (1867-1960) address at Julius Krohn's grave in 1934 (in Finnish)

  • How one branch of the family adopted the name Kurki-Suonio (in Finnish)

  • Interview with Anna-Liisa Rekola about Kiiskil estate (in Finnish)

Leopold branch

  • Leopold Krohn the younger (1837-1892): school report from 1850 (in Swedish); Aarni Krohn's article on him in Sukuviesti 3/1990 (in Finnish)

  • Leopold August Krohn as a doctor in the Franco-Prussian war; Kai Krohn's travelogue (in Finnish).

  • Aarni Krohn´s interview on the Krohn family in Helsingin Sanomat Nov 19, 2005 (in Finnish)

  • Leo Krohn's report on his traveling in Bergslagen in Sweden in summer 1893 (initial part, in Swedish).

  • Eino Krohn muistelee sukuseuran kokouksessa 3.6.1986: alkuosa, loppuosa

  • Eino Krohn's writing of the death of his bother Ernst (in Finnish)

  • Eino Krohn's Ex Libris, designed by his brother Ernst. Article in Finnish about Ex Libris in Krohn family

  • Samples from Leo Krohn's (1871-1947) diary of dreams from years 1937 and 1944 (in Swedish)

  • A necrology of Aarni Krohn by the Finnish Literature Association of Viborg (in Finnish)
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